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Yusi Hair Production Company.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Premium Virgin Human Hair, providing authentic human hair extensions to loyal customers, fantastic salons, and the best hair stylists around the world. Yusi hair extensions come in several vibrant shades and are easy to apply. virgin human hair comes direct from India Hair Markets/Brazilian Hair Markets/Malaysian Hair Markets/Peruvian Hair Markets and China Hair Markets. The Virgin Hair is not chemically treated or processed. We keep the cuticle intact, aligned, and healthy.

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Our mission is to delight clients with quality hair products and legendary customer support. Yusi Hair knows that our consumers want authentic long lasting gorgeous hair. This is why we have strict requirements when selecting bundles of hair for you. By painstakingly hand selecting each batch of imported hair, we can ensure and stand behind the quality. With confidence, we know we are selling you a dependable product. Yusi supplies hair that does not tangle, shed, or breakdown over time. Perfect Locks Indian hair extensions naturally match women of all hair types and ethnicity. Our hair will give you a more natural and seamless look.


Yusi understands the needs of our customers, and we are committed to quality control. During our rigorous quality checks of the hair before construction, we are looking for the virgin characteristics. Our hair embodies flexibility in styling, fullness and body. This will give you longevity and purity to your perfect look. We hold such high standards because we want you to look your best in our hair. Our hair is everything you expect from a premium hair brand at an affordable price. With proper care, your hair will be reusable from one to two years. Style after style looking just as good as the first day! The natural qualities of Perfect Locks hair will give you confidence and leave you feeling like your hair is truly “a natural extension of you.”

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